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OK this is copied from other forum, so if some things don't make sense just run with it.

So I've been looking for a hako for about 4 years now, keeping an eye on the prices and how quickly they seem to be appreciating in price as the world notices them (thanks RM Sotheby's) and with some hard saving I've been able to finally make a purchase. 

The car is a 1971 2000GT with L20 engine and 5 speed. Unknown ks, bit of rust around the place (wouldn't be one without it) but overall a fairly solid start. I purchased this from Restored.jp who some may be familiar with, they make aftermarket FRP and carbon parts for old cars like that Hako. This was the owners personal car.. whether that's good or not is yet to be known but it's a nice story anyway.

As mentioned in my intro post I'd be interested to have contact with other owners of Hakos in NZ as it would be handy for parts and general networking. I'll be working on this in stages (as I'm now broke) to get this up to road legal spec.. 

More to come but I've already figured a couple things I need to do before it's even here !
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Hey guys,

Thought I'd drop an update on the 6MT swap on my 2002 350gt-8..
On Saturday I dropped the diff, driveshaft & CVT with the help of a friend & only nearly killed him once with the cvt falling off the jack hahaha.
Got it done in about 2.5-3hrs with a few hours prep I did the weekend before. Prep like drop exhaust, remove most of the bellhousing bolts, CVT clutch lines, loosen what driveshaft bolts I could etc.
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Hey guys.

Thought I'd pop up a thread for my 33 sedan.

Had a few cefiro's in the past (build thread in cefiro section), basically street driven drift cars.

We bought this to use as a daily. It was pretty much dead stock, turbo auto, apart from a dump pipe and 3 inch cat. Daily'd it for 3 years trouble free.
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C34 Stagea Cruise Control Installation Guide from A32 Nissan Maxima

Alrighty guys so this guide/ build log/ r&d will outline how I installed the entire cruise control system from an A32 Nissan Maxima into my 2000 WGNC34 Nissan Stagea RSFour S Type B.
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Reading Nissan ECU Fault Codes,
now this post is going to explain to you in 15 minutes that took me days on end to work out searching through hundreds of websites and pages ripping out my hair nearly.
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Hey guys,
Thought it was time to share the progress from the last year of building a bare 33GTR shell into a drag car.
DTP motorsport has done all the car repairs and fabrication work. U can find more pics on there Facebook page of the build.
The Engine is by JHH racing and is Rb30-3.2L, Precision 8685, Hypertune, RIPS 4WD glide, Motec ect ect
I have a ton of pics so ill keep them coming as i can.
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Hi guys, decided to start a build thread on the forum as I've been asking some advice on this forum and probably will be asking more in the future. 
Since I have my car for a while already the first post will be somewhat of a summary of what has been done to my car up to now. 
So, my car is a 1997 R33 GTST which has the URAS R334 conversion kit, not something you see that often( and not to everyone's liking).


When I bought the car the engine was basically stock except for: FMIC, HKS air filter and an Apexi catback system. 
As with most Skyline's it didn't take very long before the first upgrades were ordered, so in came the: Tomei Poncams, new FMIC and piping as the old piping had too many couplers to my liking, Nismo Super Coppermix clutch + lightweight flywheel, Splitfire coilpacks, Apexi 3 inch front pipe, Tomei Expreme turbo elbow, decat, Apexi boostcontroller set to 11 psi, chipped ecu by RSP/Dynotuner in the UK.


After a while the car developed a misfire on one of the cylinders which could be fixed(temporarily) by revving the engine hard, this misfire started to get worse and worse after a couple of weeks until the car got hard to start.

At that point I decided to do a comp test and.... yupp 0 compression on cyl 6, so off with the head and then the problem became evident. 2 valve guides had cracked and were missing pieces.
2 of the valves were bent probably because i was driving the car with the broken valve guides for a while(even raced it like that lol). 
So 2 new valves and some maintenance parts later the head was back on and it was happy again.

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I decided to post this thread, my car was building about 3 years. Rest u will see on photos
I live in Poland so LHD conversion MUST BE to fast & safe driving   Car is already done, i have many pictures from building.

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hi all, this is my sil80 

Thought I would get a build thread going here as NS has died a slow death and i am lurking here alot.

Bought this in August 2007 and what started as a neat 180sx with a rb25 has turned into a bottomless money pit 
it has gone through a lot of changes over the years from a neat daily to "pig" daily to hard parker to very tidy daily to a flaming BBQ and now to weekend racer and garage ornament
due to my job i haven't had much time or motivation to enjoy it or fix it over the years but got stuck back into it around 2015
the aim was to get it all running properly take it to track days and the odd weekend cruise. Which I did for about 2 years until mid this year.  I moved back to Townsville early 2016 and got back into local sprint days, hill climb and drift days once a month but have taken a break this year
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Duncan's HGE70W car, RHD Titan

So here’s the new girl, a 2015 Titan Pro-4x with Luxury pack. Ain’t she mighty purdy?

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Check out the long and detailed build thread for [FR34K]. A gorgeous R34 with some poke.
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Havent really done one of these things before but i guess ill just wing it
Just over a month a go I bought this modified C33 Laurel off an old work mate. He had owned it for a while but decided to sell it when he didnt drive it once during a whole 12 month rego stint.

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Cars from the Bullrush rally 2017

Some cars from this years Bullrush Rally as seen at The Star in Sydney. (Underground pics are crap, the lighting was terrible!)
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This is a full conversion guide from RB25det to Yaris/echo coil packs.

In this guide, i'm going to try and include as much information as I can but please forgive me as i'm an electrician and not the best at writing.

This is an insight how I did it. Please treat this as a guide, and don’t crucify me if you don’t agree on something I’ve done cheers.
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s13gtr AWD S13

Gday guys,

Here is my s13 i have been playing around with for the past few years, started out as a cheap drifta but got bitten by the drag racing bug and have chased that path for a while, but i still want the car universal as i want to do local circuit and motorkhana days. I have been slowing increasing the power, increasing turbo sizes from gtx3076-gtx3582-gtx4088-gtx4202 to currently having precision 7675. As i made more and more power it was getting hard to put it down so i was searching for a R32gtr and then they became unaffordable for me so i bit the bullet and went AWD on the s13. Slowly gathering parts for the conversion, i didnt want to commit until i had everything.Tinkering away in the shed i got my hands on a frontcut for dummy assembly, once i was happy with engine position i just started stripping my car apart and threw it in... (well not that easy.... but it works!) anyway here is a few pics of the cars journey.

rb25/30 built by Matt Sims Performance

PPG H dogbox

Precicion 7675 turbo

haltech elite 2500

ets pro awd controller
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Daymo's R32 GTS-T

Hey everyone,

I thought i'd start a build thread, just so i can keep a log of everything i'm going to do to the car, and keep track of how much i'll no doubt spend on it in the next few years.

I'll give a brief introduction, i'm from the U.K. but currently on a sponsorship with a goal of getting permanent residency further down the line, located in Griffith NSW, and there isnt a great deal to do here so im gonna spend my time and money on a car ive always wanted, an R32 skyline!
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