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  1. Abs vs non abs Working on my r33 gtst - rb25 Just finishing off an engine swap & manual conversion and unsure about a couple things. I've swapped everything from one r33 without abs into another 33 with abs. I was just going to swap all the diff and manual tailshaft into the car with abs but the current diff has abs sensors and an abs auto tailshaft (unsure if there are abs and non abs tailshafts) but anyway, my question is can I just unbolt the auto tailshaft connected to the abs diff vlsd and bolt in my manual tailshaft and be good to go? If that won't work, if I put my non abs lsd diff in, in what way will Abs be affected as the sensors won't be connected?
  2. timothy

    If there's no compliance plate? Am I out of luck aha...
  3. Hey guys, I recently bought a non rolling r33 shell to replace the body of my current r33. My current r33 is on the road has bad alignment issues, heap of rust, cracked windscreen and is just waiting for a defect sticker. So I figured if I bought a shell I could swap everything over to avoid repairing all the rust, paint, windscreen etc. I got the shell really cheap so it made sense to go with this option. However, what are my options with plates? Is there someway I can legally swap them over to my new shell? I don't want to straight up plate swap them and risk the chance of getting caught up in something where I could face fines + no car at all. As far as I'm aware plates are meant to match the cars vin number on rego papers right? The new shell did not come with plates - So yeah, what's my options?
  4. timothy

    Hey Duncan, First question: I will be working in my shed, cement flooring, plenty of space. I have an engine crane, couple of jacks, jack stands, other tools to cover the job. Talked to a few friends and decided to take it out through the top. Second question: Everything from this car is going into another shell so unfortunately i have a lot to do aha. The new shell i have is pretty well stripped and needs almost every-part from my old car.
  5. Removing an rb25de/det + gearbox Before I get any heroes, leave your negativity with your huge ego ay what do i need? - a simple but detailed explanation of how to remove an rb25de/det + gearbox. but anyway, hopefully this is an easy one for yous I searched, read, and googled a lot. But, I haven't the right forums or a detailed enough explanation to run with. So, what im asking is if there is anyone on here that believes that they 'know' the best/right way of removing an rb25de/det engine + gearbox. This will a first time experiencing removing an engine plus box so the more detailed and well explained tutorial the smoother this process will go. I have watched a lot of videos, which has covered a lot of steps to remove an engine. Though It seems almost no one does it the same way, some people remove a lot of components where some only remove 'the basics'. Watching lots of different videos and reading stacks of information is pretty overwhelming. If someone could post a thread, find a thread, link me a thread/ video/ anything that you think would help it would be appreciated. what do i need? - a simple but detailed explanation of how to remove an rb25de/det + gearbox.