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Found 43 results

  1. Hi all, received a new old stock set of Enkei/AMEs in the post today and these 4 things were in one of the boxes. I literally have no idea what they are, probably due to the fact every car I've ever owned has had the factory steelies or the standard alloys, I've never had any sort of aftermarket wheels on any car at all. They split into two parts and have a thread. Think it has something to do with the centre caps but not entirely sure. Both serious and not so serious replies/help encouraged, thanks 😂
  2. Hey, Does anyone have any experience with the fitment of the Alpha Omega 350mm Evo Brembos onto an R32 GTR with Enkei RPF1's in 17x9.5+18? I've seen standard Evo's running 17" RPF1's and they clear, but obviously they have the 320mm rotors. I'm pretty certain the caliper will clear the spokes, just unsure with the barrel clearance with the bigger rotor as they don't look as big as the TE37s and LMGT4s in 17". Thanks, George.
  3. Hi guys, what are you thoughts on spider web style wheels on R32? I know they are popular with GT86, EVO, or STi. My R32 has the "rarest" KH2 gunmetal, and I'm considering the "matte dark gunmetallic" Enkei NT03RR in 17x9 +15mm. My friends hate the idea, they all think spider web style wheels don't work on R32. So what do you guys think? http://www.enkei.co.jp/wheels/racingrevolution/nt03rr/index.php
  4. Gold Rfp1's on a kh2 hcr32? Looking into rfp1's for my 91' r32 gtst, its the gray(kh2) colour and im wondering if anyone is running gold rfp1's on their car, or how it would look?
  5. enkei rfp1's on an r32 gtst Hello, i'm in the market for rfp1's and is wondering if anyone is running them on their gtst. I found this car (see attached picture) and i really like the look and fitment. The guy said it has 17x9.5+15 in the front and 17x10+15 in the rear.. I'm pretty sure they don't sell the 17's with 15 offset only 18, which i'm assuming would still be good? Anyways if anyone is running a similar set up please let me know the dimensions and maybe some pictures too? cheers.
  6. Skyline V36 coupe - Wheels offset fitment Just like the sedan thread, rather than store all the pics and info on my computer I might aswell put it all out on the net for others to use.... Skyline v36 coupes actually have wider arches than sedans, hence a new thread 285/30/20 on a 10" wheel +32 offset
  7. identify these wheels hey guys, need some help, I cant for the life of me identify these wheels... I figure I would try here. they are 18x10 +20 and enkei... that's what I do know... but the model has got me beat... cant seem to find even a picture the same on all of google... they are close... so close to a enkei wrc tarmac rally... but not quite the same. cheers for your help In advance
  8. Enkei rpf1 Hiya im about to buy some enkei rpf1'a for my r33 Gtr and was going to order them in 18x10.5 et 15, after reading a few threads on here it looks like you have to stretch a 265 tyre to stop any scrubbing without rolling the guards. The other option I thought of was to get the 18x9.5 et 15 and maybe put 10mm spacers on. Has anyone got any pictures of this size fitted to a r33 Gtr to see what the arch gap is like? Or can anyone shed some more light on fitment on the 10.5's my car is on tein coilovers and isn't sat too low Any help is really appreciated cheers danny
  9. Enkei RP01 5X114.3 17X7.5 +32 Hi, i'm after Enkei RP01 rims in 17x7.5 +32 size. Preferably Sydney/NSW based...
  10. I have a set of Rays Volk F-Zero Challenge wheels for sale with brand new Federal RSR-R tyres already fitted and balanced. Wheels are forged and extremely light. 2x 17x8 + 38. Tyres are 235/40/17 2x 17x9 + 40. Tyres are 255/40/17 $1300 ONO pick up in Melbourne
  11. Chasing a pair of wheels. Preferably not copies but just want em for skidz. Ideally the offset and width mentioned or similar. Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone! A set of Enkei RP01 at 17x9 +22 for sale. I loved these and daily'd them. I was going to restore them but instead bought a set of Regamasters. They were a fit great on my S15 with 225/45/17 tyres. 5x114.3 pattern. Condition is fair, there’s gutter rash and some dents but no buckles or cracks. They’ll also come with CENTRE CAPS and ENKEI stickers. The white pair come with 235/45/17 KU31s with 80% of tread. Location is 2168. Give me a PM for contact details. Asking $800. Cheers! Pics:
  13. WTB 18inch wheels for my R33 GTS-T (ssr, enkei, work, etc) I have done countless research on the right offset and I have seen people quoting that many different offset's that are ALL apparently perfect it is doing my head in; I believe I need something along the lines of... 18 x 9 + 20 - 40 18 x 9.5 + 20 - 40 I have brembo's on the front but I am willing to remove them, for ssr sp3 type wheels. I need LEGAL nice fitment WITHOUT guard work I would like to try them on before purchase and I am willing to travel 6 hours from Brisbane. Alternatively I will buy interstate but need 100% confirmation they will fit on my car, so ideally some that have already been on a 33 gtst and you can show me detailed pictures. Budget is $1000 - $3500 no need for tyres. Thank you
  14. i have bought new wheels so these will be for sale and off the car shortly. i can arrange cheap postage if needed too. so... For sale in SA Enkei RP-01 Set of 4 17X9.0 +22 235/45/17 kumho ecsta spt ku31 tires are probably 6 months old bought brand new, could probably find the receipt somewhere, was about $650 for the tires+ fitting $700 ono pm me. this is some photos for a few angles and how they fit on the gtr, would fit a gtst really well too. very light huge break clearances. tread patern (when brand new)
  15. Looking for a set of rpf1's 17x9+22 in silver PCD: 5 x 114.3 Let me know what you guys got
  16. Hello All, Time for a bit of a garage cleanout. Location: 5km's South of Brisbane CBD Postage: Local Pickup for wheels and tyres. Can post the rest Email: david.madds@gmail.com Item 1: $1400ono 17x9+22 Enkei RPF1 with 255/40/17 Federal FZ201 Mediums x4 I bought the wheels new from Autotechnik and put on my track car that does maybe 2000k's per year. Tyres bought new about 12 months ago off the forum. Have done 4-5 Queensland half track days. Still got 4mm tread left. Wheels are immaculate. Not going to separate wheels and tyres. Item 2: $250 Hankook Ventus RS3 255/40/17 x4 Have done a few track days and have been in storage in my garage for 12 months. Still plenty of tread left. Item 3: $300 Genuine Garrett 0.82 IWG GT30 series T3 exhaust housing. (Came off GTX3076) Come with garrett 16psi actuator Bought new with turbo a few years ago. Done maybe 5000k's. Excellent condition. Item 4: $99 Brand new Kinugawa adjustable GT30 series waste gate actuator with 5 springs (0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 bar) Item 5: $200 Custom made stainless steel front and dump pipe to suit above housing (GTX30 0.82 IWG) Made by Sabbadin Automotive - work of art!
  17. Hi guys, Just bought some nice factory Rays forged 19" for my V35 so finally I can get rid of the damaged Enkeis... I love these wheels; perfect design, light weight, good brand, good size. Shame they are too damaged (for my standard). Two 19*8.5 in front, two 19*9.5 at rear. Previous tyres were K19 245/35/19 all round, perfect fitting. Offset +22 I think (as the photo suggests). Fits a V35 perfectly. 5*114.3 PCD like most modern Nissans. Not an urgent sale so may ask for EOI too - if I can't get a good price off them I might just keep and refurbish them for my next V36. Asking $1.2k ono, located Eastwood, NSW. PM me or text/call 0430 triple 7 double 8. I work 9-5 on weekdays so please call after 6, or text any time. Prefer local pickups (or I can drive to you if you're not too far away - but won't drive for inspections sorry) but shipping can be arranged at buyers' cost. Good: Design Weight Brand Size Bad: One buckle on outer ring - wheel itself is straight Bad, I mean BAD gutter rash Scratches here and there Only come with 16 nuts (RAYS nuts - I was amazed when I saw them too) No valve caps (ordered some Nismo ones at the moment, so may provide a spare set after I get the nismo caps) Photos will tell the story.
  18. Hi all For sale I have a set of enkei's as shown on my r32 gtr. They cleared evo brembos on this car with room to spare. Come with federal SS 595's as they were on the daily but they would suit track in 17x9 and with the brake clearance. Tyres are about done. They are not spotless with a bit of gutter rash but still look great. please see the pics. An expensive rim back in the day. Pickup sydney either leichhardt or glenfield $650
  19. Enkei RPF1 18x10.5 +12 (Black) with brand new Hankook RS3 285/35/18s. All done max of 500km. You can still see the Hankook where the tyre meets the road. $2000.00 Wheels don't even have brake dust on them. Trust T517z 8cm Turbos. Chris at racepace has inspected thinks they are in good condition. No play. Come with the front pipes to match $1000.00 Dump pipes. Trust I think. $100.00 ATS & Across Twin Plate Ceramic Clutch. Luke at Racepace has had apart if you want an opinion on it. In great condition. Pics attached. Done less than 1500km. $1000.00 Recirculation catch can $50.00 80 mm afms from RB25 series one motors. Seem perfect $100.00 Carbon Fibre front lip. In perfect condition. $200.00 You can see it on the car here http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/449000-rare-opportunity-r33-gtr-new-fresh-forged-rb26/ ACL Race series Forged pistons. These seem fine but as I don't know for sure what happened to motor they can go for $100.00 Custom 3.5'' exhaust with Varex 4inch muffler. I believe it is the vmk 18-400. With controller. $400.00 the lot. Muffler pretty much brand new. Pick up only. Pod filters. They have drift written on them. Near new. Also has a guard. $100.00 Carbon Fibre cam cover. Brand new $50.00 R33 GTR crankshaft. Been modified for N1 pump etc. I havn't had tested but supposedly just redone by mechanic who had the car. $200.00 because I personally havn't had it tested to say what condition it is in. All the photos are attached because I couldn't seem to post photos on the thread. Everything is ONO and preference will be given to pick up buyers who can do cash. I will post at buyers expense. If you want more photos just ask. There will be more parts to come as car is pulled apart further including 50mm radiator, Tein shocks with EDFC etc. I have priced everything I think to move fast however if anything is truly over prices please let me know. I am in Croydon Victoria. P.M. me for number. Mick.
  20. Up for sale is a set of genuine 19" Factory OEM Forged Wheels. These were an option on Infiniti G35. These are factory RAYS wheels and are staggered. Will come with brand new Nissan centre caps! Yes they WILL clear brembos, perfect fitment on skylines. They have been painted white. Some blemishes around wheel nut socket and light gutter rash that has been touched up, only visible when up close. Front: 19x8 +30mm offset Rear: 19x8.5" +33mm offset Tyres are 245/35 Marshall all round. 2 tyres 80-90%, the other 2 about 70% with some camber wear. $850 Contact me on zero415549514
  21. Silver Enkei RPF1s Size - 18, 5 x 114.3 - 9.0 +35 had tyres mounted driven on for 500km then removed, nearly spotless couple of tiny marks from tyre fitters. - 9.5 +38 brand new in box $1400 FIRM Text me on 0407 913 574 for faster response.
  22. Hey guys, not a massive project or overhaul but a build thread none the less, My names Kyle and from Melbourne, now 26 and owned an R32 GTS-T for 6 years when i turned 18 and for some stupid reason sold it. Drove K11 Micras around for 3 years and on Sunday i finally bought my dream car an R32 GT-R. Some people dream of Ferrari's and Lamborghini's but for me an R32 GT-R is the ultimate car in my eyes to own. Found it on carsales and fell in love, motor had already been built and it has already been resprayed, two of the biggest things that cost money and for the price it was well worth snapping it up so Sunday i flew up to Sydney and fell in love for the second time (I'm married lol). Drove it back and am well impressed, body feels tight and had no issues on the way back. Here's spec list from the sale thread, am yet to have anything verified by anyone I only got it Sunday so... Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 112XXX on the body allegedly however I've got the import papers from when it was imported in 2006 and it was imported with 112,200km's on it so somehow the odometer has gone backwards (yes sarcasm intended). 8,500km's on the motor since rebuild. BODY: Full respray in GT-R Spark Silver Metallic KL0 Front lip resprayed, plastic in ducts removed Guard indicators deleted N1 front bar ducts Carbon rear boot lip Front number plate side mounted Aftermarket headlights inside has been painted black Aftermarket clear front indicators. Plastic weather strips HID headlights N1 GT-R skirts INTERIOR: Stock front and rear seats MOMO sports steering wheel No name brand shifter Shadow Racing gauges Clarion head unit Tinted windows ENGINE: Claimed 220awkw standard boost forged rebuild, was built at Unique Autosports, I'm going to email them see if they have all the details on the build, i have receipts for: ACL pistons Gates timing belt N1 oil pump Nitto extended crank collar Also came with: R34 GT-R engine covers painted gold Clear cam gear cover Apexi NUR catback Aftermarket downpipes Factory airbox and BOVs NDC race bearings Machined head. R33 GT-R turbos Trust FMIC 50mm stainless radiator Exedy HD clutch IMPUL ECU SUSPENSION/WHEELS: G4 coilovers Adjustable camber arms Neotech castor arms 18x9.5 Enkei RPF1's with 225/35 Federal SS595's Its an awesome car to drive, pulls like a champ although has 4th gear syncro issues so can be a pain to get in sometimes, my plans for it are: Remove MOMO wheel and replace with standard, much prefer the standard over any sports wheel. Remove shadow gauges and install either Apexi or Defi water temp and boost. Find new dash and replace. Replace gear boot and handbrake boot. Replace stereo fascia as it is cracked. Either get some fatter tyres for the wheels or buy new wheels and sell Enkei's. I wasn't super keen on the Enkei's to begin with and the size tyre on it is just stupid, it aint no drifter! Get a boost controller and put some more boost through it, may start looking to build a decent motor down the track. Install Trust DD exhaust instead of Apexi one. Remove carbon lip and install body coloured fibreglass one. Install factory weather shields. Install early model headlights (square type) Remove rear NISMO badge (don't even think there's a NISMO item on the car) Install stock floor mats I'm sure the list will get longer and longer but for now I'm just going to enjoy the shit out of it until November when the reg is up then decide whether to garage it and club/historic reg or keep it full. I plan on keeping this car for a very long time. Cheers CC's welcome! Kyle
  23. Nissan Stagea RS4S, The harder to find, Factory manual version, of the monster hauler RB25det powered AWD super wagon. I am the first owner since it was imported into Australia, via an import yard in QLD and have kept the car close to stock, with minor, easily reversible (if needed) modifications. odo: 97072km I have owned the car for just under a year and so far has only had one minor problem with a failed starter, which was replaced so is now fixed. Apart from that it hasn't missed a beat and has been a blast to own and drive. The car was last serviced at 'Racepace Motorsport' in Bayswater and was given a clean bill of health. It is coming up to being due for it's next service and being close to 100,000kms is probably due for a major service. The car will also need new brake pads as it currently sits. Car has done 97000 km's and is in great condition. Interior has a few small scratches on the door cards but nothing major. Exterior wise, the paint is good. Has a few small scratches on the sideskirts but nothing mojor. Worst part of the exterior is a decent scratch on the front left of the front bumper (picture of the damage is in the pics provided) I replaced the OE rear wing with a Dayz edition rear spoiler as well as adding a dayz edition rear lip. Both the stock rear spoiler and stock rear bumper will be provided with the car. Rear window tint is the Factory option, as is the dual sunroof and triple gauge cluster (currently the torque split gauge isn't working, but the boost and volts gauge works fine, I think due to a temperamental connection block behind the gauge cluster) Another thing to point out is the sag in the drivers side suspension. Currently the car sits a bit lop sided with the drivers side slanting down compared to the passenger side. Although, I will be providing a replacement, 2nd hand full set of stock shocks and springs (i only acquired recently and never had a chance to install) Aftermarket mods include: - Coolingpro FMIC - Apexi pod filter - Cusco Brake master cylinder stopper - Recaro SR3 drivers seat - Blitz NUR spec axle back exhaust (not loud at all, but gives a nice not) - Nismo leather shift knob - Dayz rear skirt extension - Dayz rear spoiler - Apexi Boost Guage - Electronic Turbo timer - Blitz Dual SBC electronic boost controller - Mines ECU - Enkei RPF1 18x9.5 et15 all round - Kuhmo Ectsa Le Sport 255/40/18 tires (85% tread) - Custom Radiator air diversion plate - Kenwood tape deck - Alpine Type S speakers front and rear I will provide with the sale: - stock FMIC - stock rear bumper - stock rear wing - stock gear knob - stock air intake and box - Stock engine cover Un-fortuneately I do NOT have the stock drivers seat or stock axle back exhaust which may need to be changed depending on wear you get your RWC done. Apart from those few items I can't see there being a problem getting a RWC. Reason for sale is I just purchased a cheaper daily runaround and there is no reason for me to keep this car. I needed a bit more economical car that was a bit cheaper on insurance/maintenance etc hence stepping down to a more boring daily driver. I payed $14k for this less than a year ago but the 10500 price is negotiable. All offers will be considered but obviously low ballers/joy riders/time wasters will be ignored. Comes with receipts for servicing/modifications in my time of ownership and all import papers. Does not come with it's Japanese service history (was never provided...) RWC not provided at this time, but should pass no worries. Price is: $10500 ono contact: 0413220185 email: dny_all@yahoo.com.au
  24. Hey guys, I've just started wrecking a white series 2 R33 Skyline Gts-t here in Sydney. It was running great before it went for a slide on a wet night and the front corner and rear quarter licked a guard rail Chuck me a message or reply here if you're after anything - it had some dead sexy wheels and a few mods listed below: Pickup fine in Sydney or I can send most parts anywhere in Australia Aftermarket stuff: Set of 4x Enkei AME Circlar Spec R matte black wheels and tyres - $2200 ono Fronts are 18x9" +15 offset, rears are 18x10" +15 offset. Fits R33 gts-t without spacers and looks great, perfect for GTRs also Tyres are Federal SS595 all round, stretched 225/40 on the front and 235/40 on the rears. Lots of tread left - 70%+ All the rims are in immaculate condition, basically no gutter scrapes to speak of at all. No stains on the silver or scratches on the black centres Kics Racing Composite R40 - Wheel Nuts & lock nut set. Great condition, looked awesome on the above wheels - $100 ono BC BR height and damper adjustable coilover set, includes C-spanners. As new condition, weren't in the car long - $900 ono Hardrace adjustable front castor/tension rods. Great condition - $120 ono Hardrace adjustable upper camber arms. Great condition - $120 ono Nardi deep corn 350mm steering wheel + HKB bosskit (airbag/hicas compatible) & horn. $250 Immaculate condition, like new, was only used for a couple of months before the car stacked it. Have the receipt ($375 for wheel alone) and box Cooling pro stealth return flow FMIC & polished piping kit, suits R33 Gts-t & R34 GT-T Good condition, includes all pipes and hose clamps/joints. Small ding/scratch on one side, does not affect anything - $350 - pickup only Splitfire coil packs (SF-DIS-005) suits Series 1.5/S2 R33 Gts-t (with no ignitor) and R34 GTR - $400 Triple gauge cluster with smoked-face Auto Gauge gauges (boost, oil temp, water temp) Looks great lit up - $150 clips/fits right into the R33 Gts-t dash into a DIN slot. Includes all wiring, hose, water temp sensor. Second photo is with the flash on so you can see the faces Monza Oil Catch can - $40 Apexi pod filter, bolts right up to most Nissan AFM - $50 ----------- The engine has approx 120,000k's on the clock and ran great. Timing belt was replaced by Unigroup at ~94,000km in 2010 I did a compression test this week and it came up great - 150-155psi on all cylinders - chasing $1k ono for the bare engine (no turbo, coils, accessories, etc) 5 speed manual gearbox was running great as well, shifted nicely. Regularly serviced along with the engine - $1300 ono with tailshaft, shifter, crossmember I can also sell it as a whole manual conversion for $1500 (with pedals, flywheel, clutch master & slave cyl, etc Exterior Stuff: headlights, front bar, reo not available s2 front bar foglights/inducators (white) - $120 pair ono Front guards - $75 each Bare nose cut/radiator support - $150 Side mirrors - $40 each Tail lights - $40 each Standard sideskirts & rear pods - $150 boot lid & s2 spoiler, immaculate condition - $150 Engine / Engine bay stuff: Aircon condenser - $150 R33 aircon compressor pump - $100 R33 power steering pump - $100 R33 alternator - $100 Series 2 (no ignitor) Rb25det engine loom - $150 S2 afm (pink sticker) - $90 Engine Mounts - $70/pair Fuse box lid - $20 Radiator overflow bottle - $20 Washer bottle & motors - $25 BM44 ABS brake master cylinder - $50 Standard fuel pump - $40 Brakes/driveline: Front calipers, with basically brand new pads - $280 Rear calipers, with basically brand new pads - $130 Front rotors, used but good condition - $50/pair Rear rotors, used but good condition - $50/pair Front lower control arms - $70 ea ono Front upper control arms - $50/pr Front 5 stud hubs - $50 each Rear lower control arms - $40 each Rear 5 stud hubs - $130 pair Handbrake drum assembly incl cables - $140 pair Rear differential (4.1) manual diff - $250 Driveshafts $75 pair Spare space saver wheel - $50 Interior: Complete set of floor mats, good condition - $80 S2 Front seats, great condition, small bit of wear on the driver's side in the usual area - $120 - pickup only Complete set of S2 door trims, great condition (x4 pieces) - $100 - pickup only Passenger side window motor - $50 Drivers side window motor - $100 Instrument cluster, approx 120,000km, all gauges working - $120 Instrument cluster dash surround - $100 Centre console, with good lid/latch - $50 Seatbelts (full set) - $75 Ignition barrel + door barrels & key - $90
  25. Hey guys, Expression of interest in my Enkei RPF-1's I'd prefer something more period correct so want to offload these. Enkei RPF-1 in black basically brand new very good condition 18 x 9.5J all round with 225/35 Federal 595SS tyres with good tread. Interested in some SSR mesh in GT-R sizes, stock R32/R33 GT-R wheels with cash my way or will consider TE37's depending on sizes we'll work out a deal. Will get more pics when the suns out you can see how they sit on a GT-R though. Price for rules sake $2,000 Located Melbourne Southeast Cheers, Kyle
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