That new user smell

    By Wakandanwarrior,
    That new user smell Hey whats up guys, im James. i bought a mint condition 2006 335 earlier this year. when i say mint i mean the previous owner (ex president of BMW club of ACT) put 4 thousand Ks on this thing in 4 years... yeah. he was the second owner, had about 55 when i got it we're talking about a 10 yr old car here. anyway so ive put probably 10k on it already, i drive everywhere.  thing is i now need a new clutch and finding the right one has not been easy. ive come to the conclusion that i want a cushioned ceramic single plate clutch, exedy or os giken, and im driving from brisbane to Sydney at xmas so i need it replaced asap! i wonder if anyone can help a brother out. Thanks in advanced

    RB25DET forward facing plenum

    By LerchR33,
    Just looking to see some feedback and opinions on changing from a stock intake to a forward facing style. It seems like a fairly pricey thing to change and would take some labour and adjustments under the hood. It seems very logical to run a forward facing plenum for many reasons. I would like to know what effect you felt it had on your car.

    R33 miss firing problem

    By RamR33,
    R33 miss firing problem Hello guys My r33gtst has been running rough the last week or so Have a adaptronic ecu,1400cc xspurt injectors/custom rail aeroflow,walbro 460,turbosmart fuel pressure regulator and all e85 lines  The problem im having is it just misses makes a similar sound from exhaust toof toof toof missing and when cold is all over the place  Once warmed up it starts to clear up abit better And smoothen out more when driving it  I have just also noticed when im in first gear clutch in and rev it say to 1500rpm it sounds realy rough but when i engage the clutch to say stress point hold it there it all smoothens out perfect until clutch in again and runs rough misses all through from 800rpm - 4000rpm idle   I have changed plugs,checked all coil packs,all injectors ,changed all fuel hoses (e85)  Checked replaced all vacuum hoses and checked all cooler pipe hoses  Im leaning towards ecu,maybe blocked injector or vct    Any ideas   

    gtr gtr

    By Outcast,
    gtr gtr info is in the title

    SKYLINE WON'T drive normally

    By Jonic,
    SKYLINE WON'T drive normally So after thrashing it down the road, my car went into a LIMP mode, now when I drive, it won't go over 2000rpm, even when parked I can't rev it pass 2000, it's like hitting a rev Limiter. So I suspected the AFM, spark plugs and Coils so, I cleaned the AFM (sprayed it down) and replace all my coils and spark plugs. Car starts up great but the problem is still there, what could it be?  I have reset my ECU already. Before the limp mode starts, the car will drive fine till about down 3mins after it will just LIMP MODE the whole way, once I start my car again it will be normal for abit and then again LIMP My Skyline is R34 Triptronic. My engine light has always been on before this occur so I can't tell if another problem popped up so I have to check on that.  I think also my A/T flashes before I start my car IMG_2500.MOV

    Outrage on Speed Humps in the UK

    By GTR-N1,
    Outrage on Speed Humps in the UK I don't have any links to this, but in the UK (as I heard on talk back radio to-day), there is outrage on the use of aggressive speed humps popping up everywhere with no consideration to Ambulance patients or low slung cars (having to reverse back off humps). There are 6 speed humps along the upper part of the Mitchell's Pass Rd at Blaxland NSW and they've been there for decades. All of a sudden, the local council has made each of the 6 higher and more pointed.

    Engine bay paint

    By chovden,
    Engine bay paint I am doing some tidying on my R32 and need some help, my car is a KLO colored car and my engine bay is stock flat "primer" gray color, do anyone know the code of this color? I have looked everywhere and cant find any specific for the stock engine bay paint

    Could the emphasis on not speeding be causing more crashes?

    By PranK,
    Could the emphasis on not speeding be causing more crashes? From the article; "Against the backdrop of a 7.6 per cent increase in the national road toll so far this year, new research published last month indicates that Australia’s strict speed enforcement may actually be increasing – rather than reducing – the risk of car crashes." Very interesting. What do you think?  

    Crank Collar Install

    By arsnic_apple,
    Crank Collar Install Hi guys,  I'm looking to install an aftermarket oil pump, sump and head studs to try and extend the life of my standard 26 bottom end. However as my block is an 89 it needs the extended crank collar to run the aftermarket oil pump. Is it possible to pull the crank out and install the crank collar and put it back in without having to do a rebuild on the bottom end?  Cheers

    NIsmo Clutch installation problems

    By Tomak,
    NIsmo Clutch installation problems Hi, I have another problem. Just come back from new clutch installation Coppermix twin plate clutch pull type for my r33 GTR The first test drive was ok and the clutch and gears worked properly. I test drived my car for about 2-3km come back to my mechanics to pay. When i come back to my car and start driving again the clutch start making big squeaking noise when pushing the clutch pedal and changing geras. I also notice that the clutch pedal got some vibrations when released. I put new NIsmo set, light flywheel with twin clutch plate, new release bearing and new pilot bearing and also new slave cylinder I think i have changed everything about the clutch except the master cylinder or the clutch pump you call it.  Can it be the issue with clutch master cylinder or pedal clutch adjustment or something went wrong during the clutch installation?      

    CC Brakes Upgrade

    By Stixbnr32,
    CC Brakes Upgrade Hey, I watched one of the new Motive DVD vids and they used a CC Brakes (aus) big brake kit. It seems to be pretty good with good stopping distance and performance even when not in race conditions. Anyone been using these on any GTR's?  Worth it?  Looking to upgrade stock brakes on my R32 GTR (pre Brembo). Thanks      

    Lost boost after exhaust Mod.

    R31/4 GTT/S
    By R31/4 GTT/S,
    Lost boost after exhaust Mod. Hi guys, something Wierd happened to my r34 GTT like the title says I've lost boost after installing a just jap bell mouth dump to cat.  Nowmy previous setup was just a blitz cat back and I saw 9psi.  Now ive installed the turbo back jjr bell mouth and gutted my cat I'm only getting 7psi.  I would of thought freeing up the exhaust would give me more boost or the same.  Can someone tell me where I've gone wrong ? Is it cause I gutted the cat? any help would b much appreciated  thanks. 

    R31. Help with ics and TPS.

    By Jakehoak,
    R31. Help with ics and TPS. Hi all.  Hot a problem with my idol switch and Throttle position switch. I managed to get them working sweet this week with no stall and fuel problems. But then this morning got in and started her and it was sluggish on takeoff again and gluggy when sitting at lights. Last week I managed to get the faults on the computer sorted so they didn't flash for fault 23,24. But now comp reads there faulty again. It looks like that haven't moved at all so just wondering if anyone can help befor I start the process of fixing them again. Cheers 

    Where do I run my coolant return line?

    By 240sx_123,
    Where do I run my coolant return line? I've made a quick little sketch that shows what I'm planning on doing with my coolant feed and return line on my Rb25det.  There are 2 positions where coolant can go back: 1 and 3. Number 2 is my coolant feed line. I'm planning on blocking my front coolant return line #1 and using the return on the block #3. So the coolant feed will go to the turbo and then it will flow downwards into the block. Is this okay to do? Will it cause overhearing or am I good to go? 

    How can I make this shine again!

    By miskyline94,
    This exhaust is doing my head in I tried metal polish and different types to but it still stays that rust orange colour. Someone please help

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