Aftermarket V35 Help

    By james1999,
    Aftermarket V35 Help Hey guys! So just the other day i purchased my V35. I am now looking to change the front grill and rear window spoiler lip, to make the car have a more aggressive look. If you guys have any information on where to buys these in Australia or any good websites please let me know. Thanks!!   Products needed in Australia, as US shipping prices are astronomical.  Front grill style:

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    RB26 Head questions

    By GarettH,
    RB26 Head questions Hey guys, I have tried to do some research and I can not seem to find the right threads to answer my questions. I'm currently doing a rebuild on my RB26 head and have a few questions. My current parts list I have is Brian Crower single spring & titanium retainers, Supertech valve guides, Brian Crower +1MM Intake & +1MM Exhaust valves, Kelford 280 10.5mm lift cams And what I can not find is if it's acceptable to reuse the OEM Valve Keepers/Locks and what the OEM Camshaft Studs are rated to. Are these MUST have things when doing the head?

    Dose Pipe Needs a Build Thread - Now He Has for Project Le Siet Bok

    Dose Pipe Sutututu
    By Dose Pipe Sutututu,
    Dose Pipe Needs a Build Thread - Now He Has for Project Le Siet Bok Oh Harros, Might as well start a build thread for v3.0 of my car... yep 'le siet bok' has been through 3 revisions and now v3.0 should be more so track orientated than ever. This post is more so a comparison of when I bought the car and all of it's Autosalon features and now it's ended up now to this present day with the blown turbo. So here goes:   How I bought the shit box (still is a shit box now) Like holy shit, who the heck styled the car? a 3 year old kid? anyhow the car also came with a massive bogan southern cross sticker on the back which was hastily removed within 2 hours of owning the car. Had wanky 19" wheels with tyres fit for a Honda, that also was deleted.   What I did in about 2 months of owning the car (because it was so embarrassing to drive) Restored Stock Blow off Valve with custom mod Restored Stock Air Box Restored Stock Door Trims with Speaker Grills Restored Parcel Tray Restored Factory Vacuum Hoses Restored Slimline Charcoal Canister Restored A/C Condenser Fan Restored Factory Wiper Blades Deleted Southern Cross Sticker Deleted Unknown workshop stickers Deleted GReddy Turbo Timer Deleted Autometer Cobalt Boost Gauge Deleted Turbosmart Dual Stage Electronic Boost Controller Replaced Wheels with factory R33 GT-R 17×9” wheels Replaced Clutch with NPC 10” Carbotic Button Clutch Replaced Gearbox front and rear seals Replaced ABS Unit Upgraded Rear Anti-roll bar with 27mm R33 GT-R item Upgraded Gear Knob with Nismo Leather item Upgraded Front Pipe with RS*R 3.75” inch item Upgraded Cat Back Exhaust with HKS Super Dragger 3.5” to 3.75” item Upgraded Castor Rods with Whiteline Bushing Castor Rods At that point the car became "drivable" and not giving me a sads each time.. then I took it "testing" at one of the SAU Texi days.   What's been done since all that Adaptronic 440 Select ECU Zeitronix ECA Ethanol Kit Innovate MTX-L Wideband & Boost Gauge Blitz Dual SBC EBC (best thing everrrrrr) Engine Guardian Water, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure Gauge Split Fire Coil Packs Hypergear SS2, Externally Gate with the CBB centre Havoc Modified stock manifold Turbosmart 45mm Hypergate Full Custom 3.5" Turbo back to Axle back (still runs a cat, kinda-ish.. not really) Plazmaman Swept Back Intercooler Piping Mocal Oil Cooler with GReddy GREX Sandwich/Thermo Plate PWR 43mm Triple Core Radiator Siemens DEKA V 875cc Top Feed E85 FI Turbosmart FPR 1200 Radium XR Fuel Damper Walbro 460L Fuel Pump ARP non 2000 Head Studs MCA X-R Coilovers with 10kg Front and 7kg Rear Springs Whiteline 24mm ARB Front and Rear Hardrace Front Caster Rods, Rear Camber Arms Hardrace Subframe Bushing TAS Motorsports HICAS Eliminator Kit 350Z Brembo Calipers Up front (OEM Rears) Intima Type-D Pads all round And yes, makes good power and also been using it pretty well as per the video lol (How different does the engine bay look compared to when I first bought the flipping thing)          

    R34 GT-T track minded Promo Car

    Dr. Surge
    By Dr. Surge,
    Hello I'm Shedley, and I live in Belgium. I'm reading here for i while but i thought it wasa good moment to start my own topic! Two years ago I bought a R34 GTT from japan, with some Nismo bits and a 3" ganador catback. It had 105k km on the clock. It took a lot of time to fix the papers and registration, but now everything is OK. Recently I started my own business, so i thought it might be a good idea to make my own gtt the promo car! The car will do a few trackdays a year and will be set-up for that. To be continued....

    R34 MFD limitations

    By ActionDan,
    Am I missing something or can you not select oil and water temp in twin guage mode on the R34 MFD? Is it a Nismo only feature? Every other guage besides water temp is selectable from the twin guage settings menu.

    Programming new keya

    By MJTru,
    Hello everyone I have a few key programmers like a maxisys pro and a t300 but it stops at one screen that ask for a 4 digit code. Seems like I need to have this to move on. Can anyone shine any light on this subject. Vehicle is a 2007 Nissan Skyline v36 250. Thanks in advance.

    Ceika Brake Kits.

    By 260DET,
    Ceika Brake Kits. Nothing available off the shelf for my orphan Nissan race car project but Ceika offer a custom service Zero results from a search here, has anyone experience with Ceika and the performance of their brakes?

    Relocating Battery to trunk R32

    By powerdbygarrett,
    Relocating Battery to trunk R32 I have searched and could not find exactly what I am looking for. I want to relocate my battery to the trunk, but I do not want to mount the battery on one of the sides, I was hoping to mount it in the center under the rear strut tower. Can anyone point me to a write up, and/or pictures of this? Thanks!

    R32 looking to buy, what should I look for

    Project 32
    By Project 32,
    R32 looking to buy, what should I look for Hey guys, I'm new to the group and new to the skyline side of things. Currently in the euro mod side, just looking to buy a r32 as a project and do some things too. Just wanted see what type of money and things to look for when buying 


    By Daniturbo,
    R33gtst  Hey guys I'm Daniel I'm a new owner of a 1995 r33gtst just got it last week I'm interested in getting to know more about these cars I owned one a few years ago it was a r32 but was on my ps so couldn't get to enjoy driving it so now I can roll with the big boys lol after easy mods parts and anything that may intrest me so far I'm loving the skyline goes very good only things done is front mount 3inch all the way back an two stage boost set on 10psi is there any other easy cheaps mods? And thank you for al your replys in advance  

    Stero Help

    By grant_r34,
    Stero Help Hi fitting aftermarket stero to a 2003 v35.This is my 3rd stero install in a v35 but this 1 has me stumped.Ive used all iso harness plugged it in turns on no sound.Never had it happen before with these harness.Only difference with this car it has got steering wheel control's that are not connected to this stero.Do not having them connected stop sound?????Or is there an amp remote wire im missing.Cheers Grant

    R32 Sideview mirror shakesites while driving

    By Ed.williams5,
    R32 Sideview mirror shakesites while driving Hey guys I noticed the other day while driving that my driver side wing/sideview mirror shakes while driving. It's not the glass that's loose it's the actual folding mirror that is loose. I searched and read some people have success opening and closing the mirrors and that locks it out solid however I didn't have luck with that. Is there screws inside that can be tightened up or something that can be done so it's stops shaking while driving? It works it's just annoying not being able to see steadily out of the mirror. Just for clarification the mirror moves forward and backward through its sweep.

    Josh's NM35 Version 2

    By joshm35,
    Well as alot of you know i sold my M35 about 6 weeks ago (old photo to show my last m35) . Being a regretful sale i have recently purchased another M35 Stagea i pick up Saturday i got for a great price as it needs a little work. Comes with - Full Nismo Bodykit - Nismo Wing - Rsr Coilovers - Double Din Headunit - Hypergear SS1 Highflow - Custom Intercooler set up - 18 Inch Wheels - Nismo Cat Back - Hicas (vlsd) - Rain Guards - Intergrated Audio Setup ISSUES - BCM error code (possible replacement needed) - Front Bar needs repairing - Plastic Trims Need Reinstalling (undertray & inner guards)

    Creating Godzilla

    By MaTBoY,

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