Rb20 injector deadtime table

    By 32skizza,
    Rb20 injector deadtime table Hi all Anyone have any Infomation to help configure my link g4 extreme. For my rb20de plus t setup. Needing injector Infomation for standard r32 rb20de injectors.  Even a complete map\tune I can pick Infomation from.   Cheers matt 

    GTR Steering Heavy With Consult Connected

    By GoneGoose,
    GTR Steering Heavy With Consult Connected I have been having some problems with the power steering in my R32 GTR when a Consult device is connected since I imported it a year ago and I am finally trying to get it sorted out. I have searched the forum and found a few related topics, but so far nothing has been able to fix the issue so I figured I would start my own thread with the hope that someone can help. Unhooking the HICAS ECU and/or cutting the green wire on the smaller plug were both recommended fixes from other threads that did not help in my case. The issue is whenever I connect a device to the consult port the steering gets really heavy. I have tried various things with the HICAS ECU (since that was the typical culprit according to other threads) with no luck. Removing the HICAS ECU completely actually makes things worse, despite the fact that I have already removed the rest of the HICAS components (installed an eliminator kit a few months back). I did a number of drive tests last night to try to narrow down the exact circumstances and have it listed out below. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. With NO Consult Device:
    HICAS ECU Stock - Steering Normal
    HICAS ECU Small Plug Removed - Steering Normal
    HICAS ECU Both Plugs Removed - Steering Immediately Heavy
    HICAS ECU Green Wire Cut - Steering Normal With Consult Device Connected:
    HICAS ECU Stock - Steering Heavy After 5-10 Minutes of Driving
    HICAS ECU Small Plug Removed - Steering Heavy After 5-10 Minutes of Driving
    HICAS ECU Both Plugs Removed - Steering Immediately Heavy
    HICAS ECU Green Wire Cut - Steering Heavy After 5-10 Minutes of Driving Edit: Additional information that might be helpful. The steering wheel appears to be stock, but when I have the consult device connected and check Data Scan it shows the HICAS sensor is way out of place. Although if that was the issue I would think I would always have a problem, instead of only having a problem when a consult device is connected. 

    VH41DET r32

    By Brownie586,
    VH41DET r32 Hi,   I've spent the afternoon searching the forums for info on a vh 41 conversion into an r32.   I've found lots of topics on people doing it in racecars, or people talking about doing it but never posting the finished product.   I'm just wondering if anyone has done it in a street car and if there are  any businesses experienced in doing it? It's something i'm very interested in but the quotes i've gotten locally are insane because no one has done it before.   Just hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

    Water in engine oil

    By BLUBYU,
    Water in engine oil Hi fellas, I'm new to the site but have been around cars for decades, first time in a Skyline though, 30/25 turbo, I bought this car knowing it was leaking water into the engine oil, just done a leak down test on it with the engine COLD so there's a bit of air passing the rings as expected, 5 cyls are between 92 - 102 psi, number 3 is 80 psi. Not good but not terminal either. My question is could the water be leaking into the sump through the Greddy type inlet manifold??, failing that it's either head gasket or cracked head. Any  feed back from prior experience would be much appreciated, cheers Gazza

    Removing front windscreen grill r33 gtst

    By GTR_JOEY,
    Removing front windscreen grill r33 gtst Hi guys,   trying  go to remove this grill without breaking it, is there an easy way 👍???   thanks    

    Mohsen finally bought a GTR.

    By Mohsen,
    Mohsen finally bought a GTR. So, as some of you know, I had built a pretty stout little r32 sedan, that had been riddled with problems, four years in, The veneer had worn off, and I had kind of lost the will to continue with it, I had toyed with the idea of putting it away for a while, to put it short, I grew to hate it. a few weeks ago, while searching for some parts to buy before the Americans made them insanely expensive, and stripping mine down to store etc, I had come across an R32 GTR shell, most of it was there, but it had a pretty serious front hit. a bit of chit chat with the owner and I now own a TH1 dark blue pearl R32 GTR I freighted the old girl from Brisbane and here she is!    The damagage is quite severe, but I have the running gear and all the repair parts needed so it was a no brainer! more soon!


    By elleskyline,
    Hello! Hi, my name is Ellie 24 BNE

    Officially new to the forum, although I have browsed this site a few times for info

    Newbie GTR owner but have had a few gtst's in the past. Aspiring to become a half decent drifter although I haven't had anywhere near enough seat time.

    Currently completing my first serious build with the gtr which I'm incredibly excited about and lucky to have some experinced help with the 26.

    I spanner on my gtst but not the gtr. 

    Hoping to meet some female enthusiast's, learn and show off my cars here. Iv'e got a weak spot for 33's as you can see, maybe cause they resemble more of a muscle car type which is where my car passion originated as a child.

    33 GTR
    33 GTST S2 black (new drift shell)
    33 GTST S2 white (ex drift shell)
    33 40th Anniversary GTST mnp (just sold to build 26  )

    R34 gtt build because priorities

    By Devil34,
    R34 gtt build because priorities Okay fam well as the headline states building my r34 gtt!  past two weeks have had more than 150 items arrive for it and watched my bank lag as it was sucking my savings on boost....   From upgraded springs, sway bars, struts and better brakes and slottered discs handling side should be easy  wide body from viva garage (highly highly recommend for any car as their products can twist like melted plastic even though its fibre glass)  New cooler to front facing plenum, top mount garrett, split fire coilpacks, 1000cc bosch, upgraded oil gears, bigger radiator, bye bye a/c and much more for e85 with roberts help and my brother in law, a guy who was born with an engine in his hand, at 1 year of age he turbo charged his bicycle thats how good he is... most wanted garage will be aiding in the build and supplied some amazing wheels and dhf supplying tyres at a great price  Interior all changed with defis, recaros, back seats black suede with door trim and few little gaggets cause why not be fully broke  I have 2 fridays and 2 sat to all of this including fabrication for dump pipe and inlets before tunning and dropping it off to be sprayed red again because george washington said "red goes faster"  i'll be uploading little vids on photos of turbo and build also on snap chat cause i'm 12 and use dog filters ( username : badi_ae )  and will be doing a youtube channel to condence everything    after from stunning looks i was hoping for 1000kw but i'll be happy with 350kw+  there is a lot i haven't mentioned off course as i said 150 items (so far), and show eveywhere i got parts at a good price with good customers  i'll update here and in the mean time please join hands and pray for me as the stress of it all is make me age 10x quicker    badi.c         

    Where to Rebuild Rb25det Neo In Brisbane?

    Matthew Squarepants
    By Matthew Squarepants,
    Anyone know of a good place in brisbane to get a Rb25det neo rebuilt?  Parts I'll be getting fitted:
    Cp forged pistons and rings with 87mm bore 
    ACL main and Conrod bearings 
    Full Oem Nissan gasket kit with standard head gasket size 
    Arp head studs 
    N1 oil pump 
    Plus getting the crank balanced, block cleaned, honed, head rebuild, skimmed, oil galleries drilled out and what ever else needs to be done. 

    HKB boss kit (what is this part?)

    By KLA33E,
    HKB boss kit (what is this part?) Hi! I Just recieved my new Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel today and a HKB Hicas sports III non airbag hub (ON-177) to my Skyline r33 gtst series1. I think I have figured out were everything goes except for one thing. Can someone here tell me what this part is and where it goes? im referring to the small silver ring to the right in the picture. The bigger one to the left I believe is a horn adapter? I have googled for hours but didn't find anything about this smaller ring. So If anyone here have a indentical Boss kit or can tell me what it is i'll be happy. Thanks.  


    By Conz,
    WANTED! DR30 LAMINATED WINDSCREEN Hey lads and ladies. 
    Ripping my hair out trying to find a coupe front windscreen in aus that is laminated.. 
    Any chance at all sedan screens fit?
    Need this before the 8th of October.

    My location is Toowoomba 4350. 
    Nissan, Obrien ETC have part numbers that are different to the sedan screen that have been made obsolete.. 
    Will take any condition at this stage as long as it's intact and I can get my compliance plate

    Which oil sandwich plate to get for an rb20det?

    By r32GTSTI6,
    Which oil sandwich plate to get for an rb20det? Can someone link me to a sandwich plate for a oil temp sensor which is 1/8 npt, thanks anyone sorry for noob question

    Need New Brake Pads and Possibly Discs

    By MatthewT85,
    Need New Brake Pads and Possibly Discs Hi Guys, So looks like my brake pads are cooked, left side has hit the indicator and is squeeling like crazy.  They were Bendix Ultimates.... Was recommended years ago but Im not getting them again... Anyway I have been looking into the brake pad thread and it looks like the Intima SR's are the go for me. My main issue is with the discs, I think they need to be replaced as well, will measure soon. What I have narrowed it down to are DBA rotors. Now Ive seen DBA 4963s for fronts and DBA 4908s for rears. But as I was reading more, esp a more recent thread which said slotted rotors arent necessary. So question to go Slotted or not, through brakes direct it looks like the difference in total would be 118.40 and would these pads and rotors be a good choice, if not open to recommendations .... just realised mainly daily, with maybe odd track day, but not hardcore lap times

    R33 shifter bush issues

    By RB_purr,
    R33 shifter bush issues Hey guys quick question in regards to the shifter bush located on the end of the gear stick that slots into the gear selector  R33 GTS-T S2 I recently purchased a replacement bush as mine was worn and there was a lot of slop in the stick so I went with a GK tech solid shifter bush as they outlast the plastic ones. GK tech bush was wayyyyyy to big by a mile even though it was the correct one for my vehicle so that was a no go  So... I ordered a genuine Nissan one and guess what! The same damn thing is still way too big so could someone tell me if I'm missing something here or is this some kind of manufacturing screw up because after hours of messing around knuckle deep inside the gearbox I'm nothing but pissed off and confused  Cheers 

    Review Cygnett Magmount 360

    By PranK,
    Review Cygnett Magmount 360 I am extremely fussy when it comes to phone mounts. I don't want my phone mounted on the windshield, its either too far away or its in my line of sight, two things I hate.  My previous phone mount is the Car Cup Mount by Belkin which is fantastic but my Mazda and Passat have the cup holders down next to the handbrake while my Bora has the cup holders above the stereo. Having to look down next to the handbrake to see Google Maps or change Spotify track is dangerous and when trying to navigate a new place, its a bit stressful. So, while the Belkin is perfect in my Bora I needed something new for the other cars. Enter the Cygnett Magmount 360.  As you can see from the site and pictures, this is advertised as either a dash or glass mount. You stick the little chrome ball somewhere and then, using magnets, you stick your phone to it. The magnets are strong and you can either place a thin one inside your phone case or stick one, using double sided tape, to the back of your phone or phone case. In my scenario I stuck it to the back of the case because I didnt want the inside magnet to scratch the back of my phone. As soon as I did this, my wireless charging stopped working. Ok, so I can live with that even if it takes some getting used to (i naturally place my phone on the charging mat at work and dont even think about charging it, now I have to keep remembering to plug it in.) Then it came to mounting the little chrome ball. I was skeptical at first, I know how finicky dashboards are to stick things to (we've all stuck various guages down over the years, we all know how hard this can be.) But I was certain that a product advertised as a sticky dash mount had to work, right?  Wrong. What a monumental failure. Nice clean dash, found one of the few flat spots, peeled off the cover and pushed it down for 4 minutes or so. As soon as I released my hand it just dropped off. Now the tape was ruined, so I got my hardcore mounting tape (used for various things around my fish tank, takes a prying screwdriver to remove). Same problem. Both the Mazda dash (hard smooth plastic piece) and Bora dash (softer pleather) refused to hold it.  The fact is, the foot of the little ball is just so small that any weight will start to tilt it over. I simply cannot see how this would stick to ANY dash without the use of Super Glue or Sugru. The design is flawed. The little chrome ball is already quite weighty, its a solid metal ball. It can't even hold its own weight, I never even got the change to stick my phone to it as it already failed. If you were sticking this to glass, you may have better luck, but the contact patch is far too small to make it a solid fitting.  All in all, a massive waste of $25 (on special at JB).  I give this 1 star and strenuously recommend you consider alternatives.     

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