R32 gtr strut bar

    By GarettH,
    Not clear on which topic this might go under, but I've tried researching for sometime on this strut bar and have come up empty handed. Anyone know what brand strut bar this is or if its custom?

    Help finding/fitting child seat restraints in an R33 GT-R for rego

    Super Roo
    By Super Roo,
    Help finding/fitting child seat restraints in an R33 GT-R for rego Hi all, Sorry for yet more questions, but I have tried searching both the web generally and SAU specifically before posting. In the quite likely event I've just not found the information I'm after my sincere apologies for being a pain. One of the items I need to rectify to pass rego is to display/fit child seat restraints. My understanding is that they should be there, as having them would have been a requirement for compliance when the car was imported. I've got my rear seats and parcel shelf out, attached are some photos of the area. So I guess my question is, with what's there what's the best solution to get a legal setup so it'll pass rego? It'd be nice if it was also usable should I want to do that down the track. Thank you very much as always in advance!

    What are these fittings on the clutch cylinder and plenum for (BCNR33)?

    Super Roo
    By Super Roo,
    What are these fittings on the clutch cylinder and plenum for (BCNR33)? Hi all, Thank you very much for your ongoing patience with my questions as I get to know my new car. So, over the weekend I got my first proper chance to work on the car, and whilst doing some stuff in the engine bay (trying to make my breather tank pass rego, but that'll have to wait until I have photos) I noticed a couple of unused fittings. One is on the plenum near the number 6 cylinder (firewall end), and is blanked off, the other is on the clutch cylinder and appears to be just open. Car runs fine, no sign of any leaks. Should I be worried? Are these meant to me hooked up and are important? Sorry if the answer to this is super obvious, I have tried searching both these forums and the web generally but maybe I just didn't try the right search terms. Thanks in advance!

    R33 GTST HICAS problem

    By Michael33,
    R33 GTST HICAS problems Hi guys. I got an issue with my 1994 s1 R33 GTST's hicas. If I drive over 80km/h the hicas light will be turned on, then I will randomly lose power steering on next start.  It is becoming more and more often recently. I tried to enter hicas diagnose mode to see what is wrong. However, to my surprise, my r33 cannot enter diagnose mode. I followed this post but nothing happened.  http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/22193-hicas-diagnostic/ Here is my guess. My boss kit seems to be a normal boss kit that does not come with hicas. So when the hicas system kicks in, it cannot detect the steering wheel. Then the hicas light is turned on and I got heavy steering. This guess can also explain why my R33 cannot enter diagnose mode, I think.   Can anyone give me some idea? Will the boss kit cause this issue or something else?   Btw does anyone know some cheap skyline specialist in Melbourne?   I am not a native English speaker. So please do not mind my mistakes. Thanks guys.    

    RB26: Is there 76mm Front pipes to match HPI dumps?

    By RB335,
    RB26: Is there 76mm Front pipes to match HPI dumps? Hi Guys.

    I'm after a set of HPI Dump pipes, but I notice that as these appear to be the highest flowing, and have 76mm outlets, but most Front pipes are only 70mm.

    Is there a set of front pipes that will match the outlet of the HPI dump pipes, what have people done here? Thanks.

    Insight on valve seat/machining

    By MJTru,
    Hello everyone. Its been awhile since i was here. Last time was when i was changing out rb26 guides to a bc units that needed to be cut to the right length. Simple truth the supertech stuff are the exact same as oem nissan rb26 guides no cutting just install. After i bought a tool that pulls the guid in the head. KEEPING in mind the head was very hot and guides frozen in nitrogen. I got the in with no problems, no galling nothing. It was all an experiment really. So i started to lap the valves, and yes now i have to have the seats cut to the new center line of the new brass guides. Wow. What a damn workout after all those tools i bought. So i spent the last month and a half refecting on what i want to do. I could send the heads out, as i have 2 heads that are new and will need the works basically done to them. From guids to seats valves, relief cut for cams. Small bit of porting and so on. This got me thinking. So i started looking into way i can cut the seats myself. And correct me is im wrong here but at minimum ill need a accuracy of 001 of an inch for racing, and the old school guys that used stones and blades to cut the seats were around 003 of an inch, as well as takes lots of skill at minimum a machine that can be bought today for about 15k usd. I started to look at methods used to cut seats. I came across lots, one machine floats heads and machining bit on a cushion to find true center line. Next was one of my favorites Newen fixed tuning contour BB. In short guys im looking to have my shop move into this field of machining, i enjoy the stuff. I want to redirect my funds to provide a service rather than waste it racing. I know this topic might me in the wrong section, but there is reliance to it. First we know you need to cut seats when we change guides, next the method to changing rb26 guides i can show anyone if there willi g to pm me. Next we know the heads needs to be heated and guides frozen, so its not all a waste, last bc guides needs to be cut to size. I dont like that so go with supertech one i would say. If anyone here can help point me into the right direction, like a head machining forum, or a place i can gather lots of info on methods to service heads cutting tools anything. I can see an initial investment of over 500k. A contour bb is about 80k new. But this is the path to my future. This is what i want. Ill be the first in my region if i can accomplish this goal. Thanks for taking the time to read over my thread, and i thank you in advance. Marcus.

    r34 GTT brake upgrade

    By stranger12,
    r34 GTT brake upgrade Hi Guys,   I have set of EBC 310 grooved and dimpled on my r34GTT I installed it with ebc red stuff and I have to say brake performance is fu***ing sh*t I think my kia picanto 1 liter is better than the skyline. I also changed the fluid to dot4 racing from castrol.   My hope is that I need to bleed the system and brake is ok. I have been lazy to do it as have hardly drived the car but I am using it frequently now. I almost crashed it another day by failing to stop. it gets very soft and goes further down when braking hard . Anyways, whilst I am going to do the bleeding , I thought I also change the caliper and rear discs to groved/dimpled. It is the standard size of 310 at front and 295mm at back. would you invest £600 on pair of GTR brembo or change the disc to 350mm and get evo10 caliper and disc? I spent in excess of £400 on the disc and the pads last time.  

    Help with Camshaft Choice

    Deano 1
    By Deano 1,
    Help with Camshaft Choice Hi Guys n Girls Ive got a new engine in the build, and my machine shop wants a set of camshafts so they can mock the engine together in the workshop to ensure all the clearances are correct before they hand it all back over. So the decision for a cam, spring, retainer package has become abit important.  Anyway the setup is as follows,  Spool 2.8 stoker,  86.5mm pistons factory comp 1mm oversized tomei Valves  plan to run a EFR 9180 - 1,0 rear and all the other bits like ross trigger setup, 6boob twin scroll, twin 3inch exhaust, HKS 100 cooler, E85 blah blah blah.  The main things are the items listed. As the car is a street car, and will be driven on the street, i dont really want 280-290 Dur cams with 12mm of lift that makes the car a complete pig, i understand the 9180 is not going to be a v8 when putting around town so we dont need to go there.  Ive spoke to Camtech and Kelford and they both guide me down the mega cam path, i think to myself surely i can go somthing alil bit lighter on, specially with the 1 mm over sized valves.    Ive looked into the JUN high lift low Dur cam packages, but dont want to use crappy jap springs.. 272 dur 11.35mm lift   The JUN cams call for a 1.5mm offset retainer.  And also have a 29mm base circle, which im guessing will call for thicker buckets as the factory base circle is 32mm.   Anyway, im sure someone out there has gone though the same situation so id like to hear your thoughts and suggestions.     

    Hay Guyyyys

    By manskeez,
    Hay Guyyyys Hay, I just bought my first turbo Skyline and am stoked!. I Know shit all about engines etc hence why ive joined. Im gonna stalk all of the topics and get as much knowledge as i can hahaha.Originally from Auckland NZ. Been in Aus for 2 years now. I lover the look, sound and style of r32 33 and 34. I bought a 1998 R34 GTT RB25NEO DET. Glad to be a part of the club. Churr 

    R32 type m

    By [email protected],
    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me where i could get a new type m front bumper for my r32 skyline Or even if anyone had a good second hand one they where selling, after the retractable front lip too Thanks

    R32 heater core similarities

    By luwayy,
    R32 heater core similarities Hi all,  heater core is stuffed. Just wondering if any of the other skylines share the same heater core. Seems it's hard to get your hands on a r32 heater core 

    Running ball-spring type boost controller on RB26

    By RB335,
    Running ball-spring type boost controller on RB26 Hi Guys.

    This is a pretty specific question.  Is it possible for a Ball and spring type boost controller to work properly in the FACTORY location of the boost solenoid on an RB26, e.g R33 GTR. The way I see it, is the factory boost solenoid creates a constant air leak back to the intake.  I replaced this with a ball and spring controller and am hardly able to get it to boost more than just the factory setup with restrictor removed. Am I right in saying that due to the setup, a ball and spring boost controller wont work here?  I've tried it on both ways both wound out totally and wound in fully and really does not seem to be making any difference.  The boost controller is a Turbotech and there is nothing wrong with it.

    If I want to run the Turbotech ball/spring boost controller, am I going to have to plumb it in differently, perhaps is there a different line I can intercept somewhere?

    I'm just trying to understand why my Turbotech is not able to increase boost plumbed into the factory location of boost solenoid.


    Water in the Tyre Well

    By conan7772,
    Water in the Tyre Well Hi, Anyone know if this a common problem and where it may be entering ? M35 cheers

    RB25 VCT thread size

    By fikemoo,
    Hi guys does anybody know what the thread size and pitch is of the vct solenoid on the rb25. I'm making my relocation kit due to me running rb26 intake manifold and itbs Thanks mike

    C34 Mirror disassembly

    By Moistcat,
    C34 Mirror disassembly Hey, I got a replacement drivers mirror and since it's the wrong colour I wanna repaint the housing. I've it apart for the most part, but haven't got the wiring out of the rubber. Wanting to know if any here knows how to get completely apart. Where I'm at. Where I'm stuck Any tips on this part would be great.

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