ECU for auto +t

    By DatsunBanana,
    ECU for auto +t I've been looking at getting a NEO DET auto ECU to do a +t. I know there's lots more to it than that, injectors etc. but there's lots of info on that. I'm interested in my ECU options other than just a piggy back. From the service manual the NEO DET ECU will have the auto trans controller in it. My DE has an external trans controller so I guess there'd be some rewiring involved to ignore the external one. But can I widen my options and look at getting a NEO DET ECU from a manual and wire it to use the existing external auto trans ECU that's on my DE already? If this is possible it widens my choice as these ECUs don't come up often and it would mean a manual conversion later would be part way there. Could the chip with the fuel/timing data even be desoldered from a manual DET ecu and put in the auto DE ecu? Thanks.

    E-ECR33 Type M Brake Rotor Size?

    By rbpwrd240,
    E-ECR33 Type M Brake Rotor Size? I am looking at purchasing some E-ECR33 Type M Calipers and I was under the impression that the correct rotor size was the same as the ECR33 GTS-T or 296mm x 30mm.  The seller is under the impression they are the 310mm version.  If he is correct the only other 310mm rotor I see used was on the R34 GTT Skyline which was 310mm x  30mm. To further add to my confusion one mate told me that they were the same as the R32 GTR rotors which I found to be 296mm x 32mm.    Any input, thanks!!! Alex R.

    New here, i own a r32 gtst sedan

    By hipfaze1hop,
    New here, i own a r32 gtst sedan Hi im ricky, im here to gather more information and learn as much as possible, ive owned my r32 for about six months so far, i love it. I just got a rb25det yesterday ill be swaping in soon.

    No fuel getting past Fuel Pressure Regulator

    By fergysr31,
    No fuel getting past Fuel Pressure Regulator Hello all.  I have an interesting problem that maybe one of you guys can help me with.  I have a r32 gtr with a R33 motor swapped into it.  I am getting good fuel pressure to the rail, but nothing is returning to the tank.  I have changed to a known good FPR from another car and get the same issue.  I put a hose on the bottom of the FPR and still get no fuel at all coming out of the FPR.   The car starts and revs good but only if I apply 12 volts directly to the fuel pump.   But even with 12 volts going directly to the pump, I still get zero fuel return.  I realize the fuel pump control module may be bad but that shouldn't have any affect on fuel return to the tank.  I verified I have good vacuum going to the fpr with the motor running.   The car seems to be running really rich(pulled plugs after only a few minutes of run time and they were black), I am guessing due to the fact that no fuel is getting past the fpr and probably overpressurizing the fuel rail(going to get a fuel pressure gauge and see what it is doing).  I confirmed with another car that even with motor off and during the 5 seconds the pump turns on when you first turn on the key, there should be some fuel return to the tank.   I have verified that none of the fuel lines are blocked or crimped.  Any ideas as to why no fuel is getting past the FPR would be appreciated. 

    R32 GTR Electronic Boost Controller Installation and Setup

    By Nelkel,
    R32 GTR Electronic Boost Controller Installation and Setup Hi All, I recently put together the below videos detailing how to install an electronic boost controller on an R32 GTR. This guide can also be used for the R33 and R34 GTR. Hoping this can help someone in the future. Enjoy!      

    R32 GTR Battery Relocation - DIY

    By Nelkel,
    R32 GTR Battery Relocation - DIY Hi Guys, I've put together a detailed video documenting the process of relocating your battery to the boot/trunk of your R32 GTR. Hoping this will help someone in the future. Enjoy!  

    My Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

    By Nelkel,
    My Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Hey Guys,

    I'm new here and thought I would post some pictures and a video of my R32 GTR.

    I also have a youtube channel that documents all recent work done to the car, I upload weekly videos on R32 GTR How to's and other JDM content. Here's some random videos from my channel.. Here's some details on the car. 

    1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

    Custom 76mm Downpipes
    Kakimoto 90mm Exhaust and backbox
    Cusco Swaybars
    Nismo suspension bits
    Tein Driving Master Type HA Coilovers
    Mines Strut Braces
    17" Buddyclub P1 Racer Wheels with Federal 595RSR Tyres
    HKS Super Flow 63mm Intakes
    HKS EVC 5
    Mines VX Rom ECU

    Hello All!

    By SDCRUZ,
    Hello All! Finally picked up my child hood dream car, 1995 R33 GTR VSPEC! Looking forward to working on getting a safe 300KW+  Currently equipped with a 3.5 inch cat back, HKS intake and Gready boost controller

    First things first, booking in for timing belts and N1 water pump Plans for the future; 18x10+12 wheels (Still unsure on brand or style) Coil overs (Tein super streets maybe) Front pipes (HPI)  2860 -7's  ID1000 Injectors  255 fuel pump  Powerfc or Haltech (Still trying to figure it out) Upgrade cooler (Not sure if I'll need to) This should hopefully get me the 300KW+ I'm after.  Will reach out for parts and advice...FOR SURE!!!  

    Turbosmart dealers

    By Trex,
    Who here is a turbosmart dealer? I am looking for a 45mm gate for the best possible price. And maybe a possible group buy for other members who are interested.

    Hey guys need help smashed 33

    By marni,
    Hey guys need help smashed 33 Hey guys, just looking for some advice about my R33 Series 2 GTS-T coupe   A p plater nailed me head on in my street, my cars insured for $10k, looks like it's going to be written off.  The damage on my car was all in the front right hand corner, the LCA snapped in half right between the 2 bolts for the castor rod, the wheel is actually fully pushed back in the guard and chopped the front tyre when my dad limped it home, the front bar, head light, both reservoirs in the corner, dented one of the intercooler pipes, the bonnet, guard, grill, didn't look like any chassis damage, just a bit of tangle to be pulled out lol Anyway the panel beater that had it quoted it up for all the body damage etc, but must've been moving the car and since then apparently the "steering" has collapsed.  Im hearing the cars going to be a total loss, I was planning on reshelling it anyways  but what I need to know is how much a fair price would be for me to pay for the wreckage? All the money is in the parts I've broken and I need to buy them again anyway for my new shell and my motor is needing a rebuild too thanks heaps guys   

    V36 boot/trunk warning problem

    By Jimmy93,
    V36 boot/trunk warning problem Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone has had this issue before and if you fixed it.  My boot closes and opens normally but the boot lid open warning just stays on the dashboard.. any help?

    The rb20 and rb25

    By yoshiii335,
    The rb20 and rb25 Hello, I found some info from testing done on the r32 gtst and the r33 gtst. Its often said seemingly on websites that the rb20 is a motor lacking torque under 3000 rpm and that the rb25 is better, stock vs stock. I know that the rb25 is a more powerful motor and has more torque stock vs stock rb20. But in these test I found, it seems that the rb20 in a r32 gtst stock compared to a rb25 in a stock r33 gtst is not that bad.  

    Anyone have R34 GTT Nismo Z-Tune Full kit?

    By StaceyR34GTT,
    Anyone have R34 GTT Nismo Z-Tune Full kit? Has anyone bought the R34 GTT (Coupe) Nismo Z-Tune Full kit from Jsai? I'm interested in buying this kit but it doesn't list what's exactly in this full body kit. Does it come with front bumper, front diffuser, bonnet lip?, side skirts, and rear bumper? And would I have to trim my GTT bonnet to let the front bumper fit on or is this made for GTT bonnets?  And hows the quality of these? I've heard Josh's work is pretty good. Cos I just wanna send it to the paint shop and not have to f**k around with imperfections

    tacho jumping all over the place on R33 GTST

    By mikel,
    tacho jumping all over the place on R33 GTST Hi, Today my tacho (standard dash) started jumping all over the place. I did a search but couldn't find anything, other than check the battery terminals, which I checked and are fine. At idle it's jumping between 4500 and redline. The car is driving normally, the speedo is working normally. Computer is an Apexi Power FC. Any ideas before I take it to my tuner? cheers Mike

    R33 gtst wheel fitment

    By Beauc32,
    R33 wheel fitment Hey guys been doing some reading and cant get a definite answer, wanted to know if  17x9.5 with -20 offset  Will fit inside standard gaurds if they get pumped/rolled, was trying to figure if they wuld or not before i order them Thanks in advance

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