Hicas delete

    By R33gtst2016,
    Hey guy not sure if stupid question but I've seen these hicas delete systems on eBay, are the worth investing in for my r33 gtst? If so any brands in particular better than others. Thanks in advance

    Hi from UK - R34 GTT

    By StuartUK,
    Hi from UK - R34 GTT Hi all,
    As much as I been reading this forums since I owned my 1st R34 GTT back in 2007, am now back in another GTT, so thought its time I sign up and Say Hi !
    I'm in the UK, not into the Major modding or track days and so on, I like the skyline purely for easy driving, driving 1 of the coolest cars on the planet!
    So on that note, hi all !
    My Car:

    Quiet twin plate? Cusco Copper

    By Anti,
    I'm wondering if anyone has had road experience with the above clutch.  I'm trying to work out if there is a multi plate clutch that doesn't rattle like hell. http://www.cuscousainc.com/products/drive-train/twin-plate-clutch-system-358.html Reportedly they are made by Exedy for Cusco.  It's hard to confirm whether the "strap drive" is unique to Cusco or if it's even worth writing home about. Any feedback?   - A

    Aircon "fixed" but now broken

    By talkiet,
    Aircon "fixed" but now broken I managed to find a replacement compressor for the one that self destructed and supplied that to a (currently) nameless respectable Auto Air conditioning specialist and after some mucking about (they had to delay 2 weeks until they had a hoist working!) they took the car in to fit it... They found 2 other issues, both of which seem reasonable (remove and clean TX valve and fit new filter drier) but when I picked the car up they mentioned that the blower fan had stopped working and I'd need to see an auto electrician or Nissan themselves... However as it was described to me it sounded like it only affected the cold air - they said cold was only coming out the drivers side vents. On the receipt it says "Note: Blower fan direction not working needs a scan and electrical repair." On the way home though I noticed that the only control that worked was fan speed. It wouldn't demist, or change any vents, and even setting the temp to 32C the drivers side still blew cold air at me. Even with AC turned off, the heater controls still didn't work. So I'm pretty annoyed and I will be phoning them in the morning as all those controls worked for the heater before I dropped the car off to them and they admitted they had disassembled the entire dash to get to the TX valve. I have attached a photo of the self check from the head unit... It seems to show an error 14 on one of the HVAC systems but not sure what that means. I also tried the AC slef test and while it beeps and all the lights come on, there's no action - no clicking, no blower, no nothing. While I am going to make this their problem (worked before they took it, broken when I got it back!) if it's a simple reset procedure I'll give that a go first. Any advice? (Oh, I noticed from the clock in the car they removed power to the car for 15 minutes) Cheers - N      

    Sales demand for the V36?

    By asitag,
    Sales demand for the V36? Hi guys, Is it just me or is there no demand for these cars atm? I have been trying to sell my car for a few months now and no bites. I have my V36 on carsales for 21,999 (80,000km) and I havent had a genuine hit yet.  http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-2008/SSE-AD-4066508/?gts=SSE-AD-4066508&gtssaleid=SSE-AD-4066508&rankingType=Spotlight What am i missing here?! Anyone having the same issue with selling?    

    New headunit but still poor radio reception

    By slimjezuz,
    New headunit but still poor radio reception I replaced the aftermarket headunit that was already in my stagea with another aftermarket one (old one had shitty reception too)
    After connecting all the wires to the correct place the signal is still crappy. I understand that the antenna booster needs power? (the blue wire?) or should I be powering it using the red power wire? 

    I'm lost with that so i thought I would try using a bit of wire as the antenna but turns out you can't do that because the headunit doesn't power on unless the original hardwired antenna is plugged in (wtf) 

    Any help appreciated.. 

    V35 GT8 With Transmission Issue

    By dodes47,
    V35 GT8 With Transmission Issue Hey Guys Pretty much selling my 2003 350GT8 . It had issues in the past with the speed sensors and was resolved and working for around years, This time the issue is different. It seems to be completely stuck in first gear. No code is generated after a scan. SO I'm putting up for sale at around $3500 since everything else is still good with the car. Engine is always serviced every 6k and the interior is still very good.  Let me know if anyone is interested, maybe someone out there wants this car for parts from the transmission or whatever.  I've got two other ones and I'm happy to actually just keep the car for spares but if a good offer comes along I'll let it go.   

    Engine Carbon Clean?

    By phatmonk,
    Engine Carbon Clean? Hi, My daily ride is a Subaru.  Dealership and the local mechanic do the good 'ol "tune up in a can" and spray the upper cylinder cleaner in then out the exhaust is a black haze of built up carbon deposits.  I'm wary of miracle cans (besides WD40) but enter Engine Carbon Clean.  Doing some digging, they started in the UK and have spread their wings to VIC.  Can't find a bad review, but can find before/after on same day dyno runs and the results look good. I'm thinking about rolling the dice and giving it a crack on the GTR.  Thought I'd throw it out there, anyone done this or similar before? Cheers!

    Best Exhaust System for V35 Sedan

    By dodes47,
    Best Exhaust System for V35 Sedan Hi Guys   Been a while since I last posted!    Anyway, I picked up an 04 manual v35 sedan over the weekend and loving it so far. Handles like a dream with the coil overs installed     I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to which exhaust kit sounds the best and how to source it. I was looking around and came up with a few brands like Borla and Kakimoto but not to sure where to buy them from.    Cheers

    A few questions for you 35 owners.

    By ActionDan,
    A few questions for you 35 owners. - I know sound is subjective and also hard to really rate via youtube clips and the like, but is it just me or does the 35 sound really underwhelming even with an exhaust?  - For those of you with a MY11 onwards, what sort of gearbox issues are you seeing, if any? - For people with at least an exhaust, intakes, tune etc, what sort of power are you seeing and how does that fair against similarly powered earlier model GT-Rs - does the gearbox really make up for the extra kerb weight?  - For anyone who's had a 34 and a 35, what are the pros and cons of each in your eyes.   


    Newbie from the uk

    By paulzy123,
    Newbie from the uk Hello everyone i'm Paul from the uk, I posted here a couple of months back but not in this section like I should have done 😐 Blind as ever.. I've an r33 auto that I love getting on the drag strip although auto's don't seem to mod as easy as manuals do. You guys are the skyline modding gods and seem to get stuck right in, looking maybe for some advice on dragging at some point, good to be here guys. cheers Paul  

    Clutch suggestion for my 500kw R32 GTR

    By HKS28R,
    Hey guys, My car is currently making 410awkw (on pump) with my RB28, os88 box and "ACE twin plate clutch" The clutch pressure plates have failed somehow and are getting stuck (took ages to pry then out) So I'm in need of a new clutch ASAP and would like suggestions please. Once the clutch is in, I'm going e85, turning up the boost and aiming for the 500awkw mark. I will certainly need a clutch to hand this. My car is set up for circuit and that's basically it sole purpose, street driven maybe once a fortnight and I may give it a run down the quarter so I'd like suggestions based on that please. I know nothing about clutches and there are so many and mixed reviews but usually on lower HP setups, so help with my power would be greatly appreciated

    R33 Horn wiring

    By RB_purr,
    R33 Horn wiring 96 R33 gtst S2  G'day could someone please shed some light on how to wire up the 33 horn on an aftermarket wheel  I have searched absolutely everywhere and have found nothing helpful at all I understand how to connect it but I can't seem to get any response from any of the wires  For starters the horns work when I put a feed directly through them. i have replaced the relay i have changed the fuse to rule that out also and I have tried testing different wires and earthing wires out which i understand the horn works when earth contact is made  I have 2 wires on a block connector which I know are for airbags then I have 3 wires which have been cut being blue red and yellow (photos below) and I have tried multiple connections and I can't get anything out of it..   i have the whole column apart and I can see the wires that would run through to the factory wheel but Im having a real crap time  can somebody point me in the right direction 


    By shaune,
    newbie hi all, bnr32 owner checking in...  

    2003 v35 navigation dvd

    By grant_r34,
    2003 v35 navigation dvd I know this has been covered but the posts are so old pics are no longer there.I need take navigation dvd/rom out for laser clean.How do you take it out after glove box is removed.I know how clean laser once its out its just getting it out of its compartment above glovebox.Cheers Grant  

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