Piece together a Nismo style oil cooler kit for R34

    By etang789,
    Piece together a Nismo style oil cooler kit for R34 I am trying to piece together a Nismo style oil cooler kit for my R34. seems like you can just buy the Nismo oil cooler ducts, and would be a lot cheaper to buy all the parts seperately and you get better result. Similar to what member HIRISK has done. Do you know what size Setrab oil cooler should I get? Setrab Oil Cooler (need correct size) Nismo Oil Cooler Ductings TRUST GREDDY GREX Remote Oil Filter Relocation with Thermostat TRUST GREDDY GREX Engine Oil Block Adapter Nomex/Kevlar braided hose -10AN Fittings

    Trying to diagnose my misfire

    By Custard,
    Hi all So I've been getting a bit of a misfire/sputter/hesisation at WOT in my 1997 Skyline GTST. BK7RE plugs at 0.8mm gap, 8 PSI boost, stock coilpacks. I recently gapped them down to 0.7mm which improved the WOT performance quite a lot, but now that I've installed a front mount and upped my boost to 10 PSI and my hesitation issue is back stronger than ever. Do these syptoms suggest that my coilpacks are at fault? I run 98 fuel and have a near new fuel filter, too. 

    R33 from Germany

    Sonny Forelli
    By Sonny Forelli,
    R33 from Germany Hey guys, my name is Michael and I found my way to your forum all the way around the world from Cologne, Germany. I own a '97 R33 GTR V-Spec. Here are some shots:        As you can see, I already used the opportunity to live near the Nürburgring, to drive my GTR around the famous Norschleife. Well, thats enough of me at the moment I guess. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Let's have some good time on here. Cheers

    R32 rb20det

    By Johnoglanza,
    R32 rb20det hi  im john this is my r32 rb20det type m  skyline i purchase this from osaka japan its a 1 owner car and ill be the second owner overall it is completely stock bar a steering wheel but i have to orginal to retrim and fit.im not too sure yet what my plans will be for this car bar a few subtle mods and a full service 

    Newbie from ireland

    By Johnoglanza,
    Newbie from ireland Hi im john im 18 this is my first skylines its a r32 rb20det type m in midnight blue(th1) its completly standered but ill do a few subtle mods it will be my daily car while my glanza is being built.im the second owner overall and the first in  ireland

    R33 boost problem

    By Jaffarr,
    The car is kinda kicking when I floor it It normally happens when I'm in third or upward gear and low rpm(2000). Stock turbo ( 9psi ) but I think the wastegate is bigger than the stock one and i think it got a bit of leak on turbo and dump pipe side Checked the pump and it's good. Haven't checked the injectors yet. Changed the fuel filter Cheers

    Hey im happy to be appart of this

    By Ratchet,
    Hey im happy to be appart of this Hi ppl im not usually the type to be apart of forums but i thought id try it out. Im currently the event coordinator/4x4 manager for australian street car magazine. I own and currently in the middle of building a ra60 celica with a L67 to pwr the old girl round the track. I also sell ratchet straps and link straps to fund the build. Ill post up a topic about them so if your interested keep your eye out in the topics. Im looking foward to discussing technical subjects and looking at other builds.

    R32 wont go into gear

    By thewayweroll,
    R32 wont go into gear Nissan R32 GtSt . when engine off gear box changes  start car push in clutch wont go into any gear with car off put into gear ,start car ,wurring noise ,plus cant change gear ,car doesnt move ??? with clutch in    Plenty of pedal pressure ?  Any ideas ?? Thanks  

    Newish member

    By terrorstorm_,
    Newish member So i've lurked on SAU for the last year or so, posted every now and then.   So much good/helpful content for everything skyline related, its great! Recently bought my dream car, an R32 GTR, after searching the Jap auctions for 8 or so months. Stoked to get it on the road soon(hopefully) and get to some cruises/track days.  

    R33 skyline for sale/ parting

    By Craig23,
    R33 skyline for sale/ parting Hi all. i have been building a custom r33 skyline and due to circumstances will have to part/ sell it. I have spent in excess of 30k if you are interested please dont hesitate to contact me. Will let it go for 12,000 or will part with it. I have alot of stuff still brand new so if you need something dont hesitate to contact me. 0400644471


    By Adz2332,
    Sikaflex hey all What Sikaflex would you use to hold on the rear over fenders on a r33? Didnt know there were so many types!

    Spool Spline Drive Oil Pump Gears - Anyone actually used them?

    By Komdotkom,
    Spool Spline Drive Oil Pump Gears - Anyone actually used them? These appear to be a great idea, but has anyone taken the plunge?  http://www.spoolimports.com/billet-oil-pump-gears/nissan-rb/rb-spline-driven-billet-oil-pump-gears

    New Member

    By Changebad,
    New Member Hi Im a new member 32 GTR Just here to gather info and hopefully contribute, thanks

    Work Meister rims. Clear coat flaking...

    By rayj,
    Work Meister rims. Clear coat flaking... Hey Just wondering if anybody knows what's happening to my rims and why it's happening? I have a set of Work Meister S1 and the clear coat on the chrome/aluminum is sort of flaking off... Is this possible to fix? Cheers for any info.

    Need help to identify this diff

    By r33420,
    Hey guys I need some help identifying this diff I pulled out of my r33. I bought a stock r33 diff and got them swapped because this one was a nuisance to daily drive. Every time I turned at low speed the car would bounce/shudder. When I bought the car the guy said it had a Nismo 1.5 Way Diff. I thought something was wrong with my car then after googling the symptoms I found that those diffs are supposed to make heaps of noise at low speed turns so I bought a stock r33 diff and got that put in. So now I want to sell the "Nismo 1.5 Way" but I want to make sure it is one so I don't rip anyone off. What do you guys think? I can take more photos if you can't tell from these. Cheers.

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